Saturday, August 29, 2009

My name is Happyness

Seemingly lost in the horizon, a cloud once asked my name
The pitter-patter of the early morning dew, was clearing the world for me
The whispering glance of the sun-touched cloud, kissed a smile on my face
"My name is Happiness", I said, "I want to bring my heaven to yours"

"But your world is so sad", said the cloud gloomily, with raindrops bursting in its heart
"What will you do there? You have no house to stay in your world"
"Oh!" I said", "that’s not true, dear cloud, it’s all within me to clear my sky
I can either blow you away, if I am strong enough ,or wait till you've cried ,if I’m patient enough!"

"But I may cry and cry and flood your lives with sadness, a deluge on your world,
the fury of my wrath, a symphonies of sorrow, then what will you do," asked the cloud,
"Then I will laugh and I’ll laugh with so much of sunshine, that the floods will dry very very fast
Or better still, my dear cloud, with my ring of sunbeams, you may never even near me again"

"But what about greed, lust and destruction, it’s not I who maims all the time," said the cloud
"That’s easy, friend cloud, I will teach you to heal, the heart that kills is not always ill
If you and I and all in my happy ring, can only make every heart sing
My heaven will be yours ,for now, forever ; Just open your soul, the song will follow!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My friend, my own

Just like kids, imps we were
Holding hands, naughty grin
Every street, every song
Never once been apart

Teenage came, pangs and pains
Every girl, every lane
Sentimental tales of woe
Every dawn, change the world

Twenty plus, life’s amiss
What went wrong, work went on
Silhouette dreams of soft romance
Every night, rule the world

Trudging on, age has called
Every one, married soon
Company, where is she
Friends and foe called family

Middle life or so it’s called
Kids and clanging sounds of change
She is mom, they are cool
All at home, where are you?

Ashen hair, trials in store
Yes I have some called my own
Eveytime, calling home
He and she are going soon

After dawn , always dusk
Then I feel my wanderlust
Reaching out, you are there
Holding hands, naughty grin

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blind Sight

I am blind, you know, I cannot see the world

There is darkness at noon, oneness at night

I know that the world watches me, with pity , with pain

I just want to tell you all, thanks for the concern, I don't need any

Can you all hear the whispers of the world?

Can you feel the winds of love soothing your soul

and the raindrops in their rhythmic dance, can you hear?

I am only blind, you see, but you have closed the eyes of your heart

The only thing I see is the oneness in this world

Everyone is equal in my eyes, aren't they?

the pauper and the prince , the killer and the priest, look just human to me

If only I can give my vision to you all…..

Monday, August 24, 2009


On a dusty path, once walked with pride
a phantom moves in frozen glide

the twang of life with horror stilled
Hopes and dreams and passions killed

with tears of hate ,lie dormant souls
a life once lived , now jezebel strolls

A wisp of blood, a silent cry
tis War , sweet ones, wake up and die

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The story of Rigdoo and Gimblegee

In the land of Gimblegee
A tiny fish lived in a sea
She smiled and waltzed there night and day
Finding joy in every way

Rigdoo, was her given name
And far did spread her rising fame
Every sea friend came to see
What tiny Rigdoo's charm can be

All the creatures big and small
always knew she helped them all
But no one thought that even she
Could help a blue whale's agony

Mekrook was a giant beast
all he did was sleep and feast
One dark night, the big blue whale
Just got caught in a fiery gale

Tossed and thrown was our Mekrook
Landed close to Rigdoo's nook
All the creatures fled in fear
Oh my god, that monster's here

Mekrook looked around the sea
this is not where he should be
Where's my home he cried and cried
He flipped and turned on every side

Rigdoo came to see this whale
She felt sad to hear his tale
Don't you fear my friendly foe
To your home we'll surely go

Let me think of where he lives
By the smell his body gives
He does smell of filth and rust
Oil, trash and stinking dust

Oh I know that human ship
Stealing every oil drip
Killing all our deep sea life
Papa fish and mama wife

Mekrook wake up we are there
At your seabed sad and bareI
f you want to live in ease
Human ship must leave in peace

Many many weeks went by
Mekrook was about to die
Rigdoo help me I'm in strife
This human greed now wants my life

Rigdoo could but only pray
To heartless beings what can she say
The land is yours , the sea is ours
Please let us be ,we need no scars

And behold, a magic day
The demon ship was on its way
All the sea folk danced in glee
Mekrook lived now happily

Our tiny rigdoo came to be
The sea queen of sweet gimblegee
And so we come to say goodbye
Hope we left you feeling high