Friday, November 20, 2009

and it is,what to say

smile in silence, when to cry
kill me soon, live in joy
i am gone, come again
in my life, you are gone

when in fear, pray to will
will she come, hate to lose
peace to die, hope to rise
someone here, all she has

run away, come here soon
i will miss, you will see
head in heart, soul in tears
you and I, you or I

shattered thought, shining eyes
smile in heaven, hell for me
wait for me, let it be
i am sad, happy less

so you know, why you are
when i am, who is me?
then and now, ever before
and again, only you

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A few thoughts on life or is it?

Precious thoughts of final love, we have to let go
Like the life of a journey we enjoyed till now
When the final red light starts its sad trickling flame
That colourless piece of Time called Death, arrives

Beginning its last walk, He stoops to stand us still
Those beautiful little moments of old memories remain
Why then do we cry misting those sweet lovely smiles
Do we love when there are tears, and lie when we laugh?

We ask the maker a few questions on his plans
He built us a wall with the strength of wet clay
Why then does he always want only what we have
Does he know what it is to lose all what is mine?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She is and hence I am

I met her once,forever
It was a living dream
of love that moves in me
with her name in every step

She did what all I felt
in my desiring heart
and when I touched her self
I felt what all she is

When Time and Love unite
We need no reason more
To tell us why I am
The way she is to me

Saturday, November 14, 2009

And in the end..

Surreptiously she approaches my pathway,blocking my wind
I set sail on a dream to neverland,far far away,close to my heart
She sat on the sail and steered me to her sinewy sunset
I felt her in that wind,stardust settles in, long after silence

Missing her moving into my sighs,missing her strumming my life
Wishing what all wishes do , moistening my crying smile,
A walk into the known , a step into her unknown, and thus a run in her mine
Memories are dreary milestones of the heart,smiling the sorrows of happier tears

The last time was our first in the first time of our last,
And when I sit on the wall of our death full of fears
Those bricks of stone,enclosing our happy sad Now,
Tells me of that day, when she came to pass,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An elegy on the death of Love

Thunder clouds gather ominously
as a wounded heart starts a tale of sorrow
Of how a soul , a beacon light, burnt the heart it held within
Old flame , they say..old flame indeed !! does fire ever soothe

Beaming on top of the world, a feeling which only the ecstasy of Love
can give
The steps we climbed on ,she pulled it down as her wont
Why , why does she always lead one up the garden of posterity?
where the weeds and thorns of selfish thoughts strike your every nerve

But yet again, when calmness fights a losing war
Those golden embers of a tender touch ,peeps out through the corner of
the heart
Battleships of Cupid prepare for a final onslaught
If I do survive, death for the elegy, five letters is all it takes

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Farwell,Dear Heart

The beautiful blossom buds of spring
Flutter mine heart, what joy they bring
This lovely forlorn tale to sing
Where, O where do I begin

A fairy walked in heavens way
Of all she saw,O she held sway
When an empty heart did cross her way
She walked within, forever to stay

The poor heart, knew not what had filled
its yearning for a lifetime stilled
which way it looked , which way it willed
She stood , she gazed , she laughed to kill

A sudden burst came sweeping through
The pained heart , couldn't anymore do
She tore it wide ,and bid adieu
To a heart she wished she never knew

Sunday, November 1, 2009

She and I, in this beautiful world

She said no to me, she said yes to none
I said yes to her and yes she heard it too
She said no to life, while I said no to no
I said yes to hope, and hope she does that too

I felt lost in thought, she felt I was lost
I did what I felt, and she felt what I did
Just once in life I knew, what first rains do to me
They fell like drops of tears, I only wish she knew

She told me where to look, and never told me why
I told her how to look, she never asked me why
I dared to dream her dream, she never left me once
And in her dream of mine, she’ll never see me hence