Monday, May 23, 2011

It's been a while,love

Yes, tis been a while since I saw her,
A chance misdemeanour of the heart, led our souls astray
No, it’s not a great feeling to miss your only love
Even sweet death seems a bed of roses now

When expression lisps in search of her breath
I cry to try what faith can do
I see her more when she is gone
I feel her more, it’s been that long

Memory is the Satan of Love
With past life regression of those moments sublime
His claws reach deep to soften and strike
She does know this, doesn’t she? She must

That narcotic of romance gives you a sturdy lifeboat
But the sadist that it is keeps the oar away
I am in the centre of it all, the quicksand pulling
Running at the speed of depression, sinking in her smile

When all seems lost, the worst friend is hope
Doesn’t let one live nor love
I sleep the sleep of a happy morrow
Yes, tis been a while, I need her now