Thursday, August 30, 2012

Destiny's child

I am destiny's child, born out of dreamlock
My father is fate and my sister is passion
I ride my horse called Luck, through life
I land at my muse's town called Love

I take her by force, with a trick called promise
I bury her in petals of leaves called Joy
She laughs as she shoots me the arrows of sorrow  
I know I have done , what I ever should have done

Yesteday is history for the mystery that is morrow
So the steps of my life are only filled with today
The world loves a fool but detests the happy fool
Is it then my fault that I kiss them with my smile

How long can I see my fairy tale world
As long as I want as I live what I feel
But soon she starts on that dreaded path called thought
I'll fight till the last,for the end is nigh

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