Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tis coming, Tis coming the festival of colors

Splashing with life ,chasing out our fears

I flirt with all comers, pretty and sweet

Jumping and screaming ,a veritable treat

In the days of yore when Rajputs were around

On horses and chariots they colored who they found

Princes or paupers ,the slave or his master

This was one day , when divisions didn't matter

The story goes that our beloved Lord Kishen

Complained to his mother ,sad and grief stricken

My Radha is fair , and my skin is so dark

How can you let go of issues so stark

And the doting mother, like most of her ilk

Could not bear to see her son sulk

She colored the beautiful Radha's face

And so began Holi, in memory of those days

They also say that the devout Prahlad

Had worshipped the Supreme and angered his dad

Burn him to death, the furious king roared

Seating him on Holika, they lit a pyre to behold

Now Holika ,the demoness, had a shawl so special

The one who wears it, no fire can tickle

But the Lord answered the little boy's call

Only Holika died , thus Holi for all

I got up at dawn and readied my pranks

Syringes and powder on girls at river banks

Abdul,David,Swamy and Seth

It is Holi my friends, no difference in faith

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

passing thoughts

Its so simple when you know
what magic she can do your day
its a feeling bound to grow
you need to know just what to say

i saw her leaning on the wall
of her house, where i can't go
i stood there hoping she would call
she looked away,i couldnt no more

As i start to walk away
my eyes refuse to follow me
Screaming at my heart to stay
What follows now,I cannot see

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moments in permanence

Dreams, she ran into me, dreams
wake up today and see my news
its there, she says, I’m here
patience,waiting,finally,the moment

many moons and a few suns, our journey
across seas, over mountains, through hearts
a cloudless skyscape weaving a spell
Is that what they mischievously call bliss?

Surreal, could be, So real, may be, She is and will be
Love's a path often tread, but seldom flown
We wait for what we've seen, but not for what is shown
It is a beautiful journey, though no angels every stone

That moment arrives, it happens even to the best
when Time and heart cuddle up to waltz
like there is no tomorrow and today is but a song
She came to me when her night turns into my day