Friday, October 30, 2009

Thinking in Me

The eyes close in a murmur of dreams
The mind’s thought dart shoots through oblivion
Visions of past hopes, mingle with the recess of today
Tired and wounded, the snore of mendacity engulfs my world

An incredible potential being frittered away in the mundane
Garrulous speeches and inane time warps of mock fecundity
The Time rider is galloping at the speed of never
Stopping for no one, and sneering at my waylaid life

So many missed calls, and many more in sleep walks
Where am I heading, gripped in the vice of tomorrow
The sudden stillness of a heart betrothed to fear
I want to wake up and smell the sullenness of joy

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Without her next to me...

She sat there right next to me, miles away
I was mesmerized by her tormenting touch-me-not beauty
And today, I feel drained,lonely,a shell without life

My music was muted, my heart strings uprooted
What blocked us from reaching out, was destiny's child
I knew that she knew, I cried and she cried..I know she did

For all my day's yearning was for those few moments of paradise
Her arms in my mine, my breath caressing the love buds on her lips
Its not that we are lovelorn young teens , without a care in this world

She lives a life very far from her being, she is but a figment in fate's cruel trick
While I live a life , counting the shadows in her eyes, seeing me in everyone of them
But when that moment sublime arrives everytime, the passion within erupts with her touch

Sitting there lost in the void of time, as the moments recede and my soul cries out
I turn to my precious and ask myself , I married you my darling, a long time back
I’m born again everytime you swim in my thoughts, and yet why do I wait forever?

When will this world know that my soul mate is only mine, I’m still-born , my angel, lease me my life

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Instinctual Stimuli

Waiting at the doorstep, I look for survival

Another being had already fixed my appointment with destiny

There is a murmur of dry leaves being crushed with booted feet

It is Time, he has come for his daily bread

I step outside of myself to see who I am

I couldn't see me the way I was, I run away from me

The outstretched twines of Life's mezzanine floor engulf me

I run and run and run inside me , I stop and see my breath curse me

The ship is ready to leave, I can see his ship, He is cackling with sadness

I walk backwards, and see how much I have come from

The gecko sniggers at the pale thought which crosses without form

I am ready to fly, the parachute calls me in, I am going in now, before the after

Monday, October 5, 2009

Loveland blues

Walking down the sunlit greens
Love once asked me what she seems
To me she is a vault of dreams
To live in her my heart careens

And when that girl does walk my way
The angels waltz in sweet sashay
Eyes of mine she locks in hers
That heart of mine, her charm allures

Holding hands, we watch the sea
What have I ,than she to me
The waves of life are setting free
Those shells of love forever be

In her arms, I need not fear
For I’m her man, and all things dear
And when she all but twitch her lip
My soul does jump and miss a step

The dusk of sweet and salt romance
All it takes is but a glance
Love just loves the waiting game
but when it ends , it’s not the same

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A cool blitz of memories

The wind once told me what she felt

When she touched, my soul did melt

Where she flows and how she flies

Hear my breath ,those smiles and sighs

Once she waltzed from a misty hill

I was lost in thoughts of will

This zephyr swept me of my feet

Soft though strong in feelings sweet

This lovelorn breeze ,beware ye heart

At a moment’s pause will tear you part

Don’t forget , that in the end

She knows no start, she’s just a wind