Thursday, December 31, 2009

Doodles of my being

Meditative,pensive,reflective visions of my happy-weary world
a touchpoint of stillness,agonizing calm,with a roar of silence
a black and white mirage,a single strand of the sound in red
its beautiful,isn't it,when the flower gods decide to doom the bloom

Riding fast on a sighway,slush hits you on your mind,no cover
the faces of my incongruous pitiable earthmates,droop in a one lipped smile
they walk back too soon,before the world stops to run away from them,how funny
I call out my name far far into the emptiness of my full life

we think,we plan,we do and the do thinks ,the think plans,and they fail
do we then just do what is already planned,and then think of what we did?
the train of no coaches,moves on a snake winding soul,black smoke of real lies
I gave birth today to myself,life has stunted my beginning,welcome to my dawn

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She is so,Am I hers?

I am sure,so is she
are we sure, need not be
what if that, what if this
will it work,will it miss

yes she knows,so do I
then what's wrong,don't know why
she may think,i may not
It's only her that I have got

I feel free, she seems sad
I am happy,is that bad
All i know,is what is now
I need her,tell me how

every time,when we meet
heart does pound,miss a beat
pinch her cheeks,when I please
happy sad,when she sees

closer I,to her own
every breath,of hers ive known
in her world,of tears and fright
This i know,I'm her right

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Love-that four letter word

Its so hard to be in love, when you know what it brings
You will always know how it feels, but never know why
Is it all about the sensuous times or more when one’s alone
Why does one think so much, when all it needs is to be

I dreamt a life of togetherness, and I still do dream on her
Does one select his partner, or is it all ordained?
Are rules of the world in action, or is it the magic of the heart?
If its all about the infinite, why do we measure the path

Something dies when someone lives, that’s how its always been
Love does not pretend to be the God it is not, so never blame the game
But is it an end or is it the beginning of one, do we ever need to know?
It never makes mortal sense, but tell me another bliss

Is physical attraction a blemish on true love?
Or could even that be from the soul, it can, it is
Her life is cocooned by her stirrup of circumstances
Can’t one just express oneself, and hold that hand forever

Its sad to be happy when this bubble seems to cry
But somewhere deep inside, the referee blows his whistle
It could be a foul or maybe we have scored ,the Omni audience knows
The way to play this game, is to keep running ,running, just forget the goal

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Beautiful child of Nazareth

A still night awaits a shining star
to reach a barn from Kingdom far
A beautiful child of Nazareth born
to rid this world of strife and scorn

The three wise men were there to see
Wisdom, Love, Compassion be
A beautiful child of Nazareth born
To light a smile in all forlorn

From the virgin mother for all to behold
A pure and sublime package of gold
A beautiful child of Nazareth born
To tell us all, God's here anon